Flange Tags in Action!

Great to see so many of our Flange Tags in operation on a Natural Gas Pressure Reduction and Metering skid. This company takes it’s QA seriously!

So what are pre-start checklist?

You probably do a pre-start checklist for some activities but don’t realise it! Or maybe you are guided through a pre-start checklist and again did not recognise it. What about when you fly somewhere? You get into your seat and when all the passengers are onboard the flight crew begin telling you about the flight, […]

Flange Tags in Action

Our Flange Tag are starting to be used across a number of worksites in USA and around the world. Here are some of our Flange Tags being used at a Coal Fired Power Station for Maintenance.

TUFFA Products LLC releases series of tough flange management tags

TUFFA Products LLC is doing its part to improve visual communications and provide safe working conditions for pipeline, oil and gas operations and energy supply workers and inspectors with its new family of tough and Multi Coloured Flange Management Tags. These tags provide at-a-glance inspection status. Proper flange management procedures ensure leak-free start-ups. Leaks caused […]

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