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TUFFA™ Products began with the development of the TUFFA Tag. Over many years, inferior quality tags and products have been a contributing factor in a number of workplace accidents and fatalities. These tags were developed in response to the industry demands for a tag that didn’t rip, tear or fade.  In mine sites underground, on oil rigs at sea, on remote construction sites all over the world, TUFFA Tags are trusted to inform, warn and cross-check.

TUFFA™ Products has a commitment to supply a range of the highest quality products on earth. We are proud to be able to supply our products to some of the largest companies in the world. In response to their needs, our range of products is continually growing.

Company Details:

TUFFA™ Products Pty Ltd
Address: 2 Galari Circuit, Condobolin NSW 2877 Australia
Toll Free: 1300 188 332  |  International: +61 2 6895 3347 |  Emailsales@tuffaproducts.com.au
ABN: 98 631 931 863

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