Can I reuse circuit breaker lockouts?

Many circuit breaker lockouts are reusable, but it’s essential to inspect them regularly for any signs of wear or damage. If a lockout device shows signs of wear, it should be replaced to ensure continued safety.

How do I install circuit breaker lockouts on my electrical panel?

The installation process for circuit breaker lockouts may vary depending on the design. Generally, they are easy to install by following the provided instructions. Ensure that the lockout device effectively blocks the breaker’s switch to prevent it from being turned on.

Why do I need circuit breaker lockouts?

Circuit breaker lockouts are crucial for workplace safety. They help prevent electrical accidents by ensuring that circuit breakers remain in the off position while work is being performed on electrical systems

What are circuit breaker lockouts?

Circuit breaker lockouts are devices used to securely immobilise circuit breakers, preventing accidental switching on or energisation of electrical circuits. They are essential for ensuring the safety of workers during maintenance or repair activities.

How do I choose the right Lockout Tagout products for my facility?

Selecting the appropriate Lockout Tagout products involves considering the types of machinery and energy sources in your facility. Refer to the product descriptions and specifications for guidance, and reach out to our customer support team for assistance if needed.

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