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3 Stage Flange Tag

Flange Tags
Flange Tags

4 Stage Flange Tag

4 Stage Flange Tags
Flange Tags

TUFFA Permanent Markers

TUFFA Permanent Markers (Pack of 10)

Custom Designed Flange Tag

Custom Flange Tags
Custom Flange Tags
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With quality comes peace of mind. Let TUFFA™ Tags assist you on your course of continual improvement. Be seen in the industry as a best practice corporation and leader in your field.

TUFFA™ Tags are manufactured to withstand the harshest elements, from offshore platforms to the scorching deserts. No more tags blowing off, disintegrating in the rain or fading and becoming illegible, TUFFA™ Tags have the wherewithal to last the distance. They are UV, Water, Oil and Chemical Resistant. And it’s not only in the United States, from Azerbaijan to Madagascar, TUFFA™ Tags are helping site engineers get it right first time, every time.