TUFFA Products LLC releases series of tough flange management tags

TUFFA Products LLC is doing its part to improve visual communications and provide safe working conditions for pipeline, oil and gas operations and energy supply workers and inspectors with its new family of tough and Multi Coloured Flange Management Tags.

These tags provide at-a-glance inspection status. Proper flange management procedures ensure leak-free start-ups.

Leaks caused by improperly sealed flanges which connect pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form piping systems may cause corrosive damage which is both expensive and time-consuming to repair and puts both workers and others at risk of exposure to dangerous pipe contents. Using these tags gives inspectors and field workers peace of mind knowing that the work has been done accurately, on time and by professionals in the field.

TUFFA tags are made from specially made polypropylene, so they are durable, tear resistant, water resistant and UV resistant. Highly visual at a glance status signifies each stage of inspection — flange assembled, flange tightened, flange broken and inspected. Each stage is perforated and can be torn off to show completion. An 8 mm hole at the head of the tag enables the tag to be easily attached to the flange using cable ties. All tags can be customized to include company logo and sequential numbering for traceability with orders above 500 units.

“Extreme conditions call for a TUFFATAG,” said general manager Harvey Dunn. “Our tags are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit harsh industrial conditions. We created our tags to enhance safety, be easy to read, easy to attach and easy to write on, so inspectors and workers can get back to work knowing they’re doing their part to visually communicate with co-workers.”

Article appears on Pipe Line Oil and Gas News

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